The conference organizers would like to thank the following people and organizations for their generous support of this conference:
  • The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (through the Connections program)
  • McMaster’s Socrates Project, funded through the generous donation of Chancellor Emeritus Lynton (Red) Wilson
  • McMaster’s Faculty of Humanities
  • McMaster’s Centre for Networked Media and Performance (CNMAP)
  • The University of Calgary, Faculty of Arts
  • McMaster’s Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia
  • McMaster’s Indigenous Studies Program
  • McMaster’s School of the Arts (SOTA)
  • McMaster’s Department of Political Science

Our Team

  • Sara Bannerman, PI, McMaster University
  • David Ogborn, Co-Investigator, McMaster University
  • Tamara Shepherd, Co-Investigator, University of Calgary
Research Assistants:
  • Emmanuel Appiah
  • Megan Barnard
  • Dana Cramer
  • Leandra Greenfield
  • Amy Huang
  • Fizza Kulvi
  • Maia Lee-Thomas
  • Manveetha Muddaluru
  • Erica Rzepecki
  • Charnjot Shokar